Satanic Bloomberg: More Than 6.66 Billion Shots Given

There is no accident for the title/number in the Bloomberg article! Don’t think one second the Satanic rulers aren’t giving a sign by this deliberate number of 666. Covid is the mark of the beast…

The biggest vaccination campaign in history is underway. More than 6.66 billion doses have been administered across 184 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 26.2 million doses a day.

In the U.S., 407 million doses have been given so far. In the last week, an average of 675,562 doses per day were administered.

World Map of Vaccinations

More than 6.66 billion doses have been administered—enough to fully vaccinate 43.4% of the global population

While the best vaccines are highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death, it takes a coordinated campaign to stop a pandemic. Infectious-disease experts say that vaccinating 70% to 85% of the U.S. population would enable a return to normalcy.

Globally, the latest vaccination rate is 26,193,513 doses per day, on average. At this pace, it will take another 6 months to cover 75% of the population.

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