Florida’s New Surgeon General DESTROYS The Lies About Masking Kids In Schools

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s new Surgeon General, shut down the lies being pushed by the Left and exposed the truth to the public regarding the data and the benefit of masking children.

In short, he explained, there is none.

He begins by advising people to take a step back from what they are seeing on television and then goes on to say that the evidence for masking youngsters is “very weak.” According to Lapado, there is a significant disconnect between the quality of the data demonstrating any benefit from masking and what we’re hearing from public health professionals in other states and around the country.

“The highest quality data finds no evidence of benefit,” he says, adding, “and we’re going to stick with that because that’s what the data shows.” In Florida, he says they’ll stick to the data, pointing out that the data shows no clinical advantage for children in schools under a mask mandate.

It’s refreshing to hear Lapado make policy decisions based on facts rather than making people feel better.

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