In order to fight those who hesitate to get vaccinated, scientists want to distribute Covid Spike proteins in all foods

Far too many people pompously claim to be “whistleblowers”, while denying themselves the “real deal” for fear of being publicly labeled “conspiratorial”. To me, they do a very incomplete job, although some of the information they share can be instructive on some level. Too many people believe that they can change the course of events by holding up signs, participating in protests (or social gatherings), submitting petitions, sending formal notices or even filing legal remedies with the law. courts. Too few people are aware of the real issues that beset us today and the depth of them. Too many people believe the government is there to help them. Too many people cannot admit that the troubles we are experiencing have been concocted for a very long time by international criminal organizations, such as the Club of Rome .

Until you admit that governments are plotting in unison to annihilate you, you will not be able to understand the essence of the battle and the dark forces that have banded together against you. In the context of the “Covid-19 crisis”, you will see below that governments will do absolutely everything to forcibly “vaccinate” all the inhabitants of this planet, even the most recalcitrant. If you haven’t already, you should really start to wonder what secret plan is behind this mass “vaccination”, without any informed consent.

Indeed, the global agenda to immunize every man, woman and child is on track to land right on your plate. A team of scientists from the University of California at Riverside & nbsp; is exploring ways to transform your GROCERY STORES in mRNA vaccines. In order to combat “vaccine hesitancy” in the population, these scientists want to distribute the coronavirus spike protein [spike protein] in all foods. This experiment could spawn a new vaccine paradigm that would give Big Pharma full control over the food supply as they attempt to genetically modify foods to flood the population with more advanced blood-clotting proteins.

Is this why Bill Gates, investor in GMOs and vaccines, & nbsp; buy farmland & nbsp ; across the United States? Will all current vaccines and hundreds of future vaccine experiments be achieved through the food supply?

Genetic modification of the food supply could soon be used to vaccinate the population

The future of biological warfare and human experimentation will likely be realized through the food supply and will be touted as safe. By altering the cytoplasm of edible plants, scientists hope to introduce toxins from the foreign-produced Spike protein into your food. These scientists, who seek to promote vaccines, are already experimenting with lettuce and spinach plants to develop a new species of green leafy vegetables that can vaccinate people more often and in a less invasive way. These new varieties of vegetables can also be grown at home. Scientists are working on a way to quantify the exact dosage of spike proteins in a plant while demonstrating that the plant can reproduce enough mRNA to surpass the current vaccine supply.

“Ideally, a single plant would produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person” , says Juan Pablo Giraldo, Principal Investigator and Associate Professor in the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences at UCR . & nbsp; “We are testing this approach with spinach and lettuce and have long term goals of people growing it in their own gardens,” , he added. < em> “Farmers could potentially grow whole fields of it as well.” “

Giraldo is working to demonstrate that vaccines containing mRNA DNA can be successfully integrated into plant cells. To do this, the researchers intend to modify the chloroplast of the plant cell. The chloroplast absorbs energy from the sun and converts it into sugar and other molecules that the plant needs to grow. Scientists want to interfere with this natural process and instruct the cytoplasm to generate advanced proteins and other foreign molecules that can be introduced as antigens into humans.

Giraldo and his team have already shown that the chloroplast is able to express foreign genes that are not part of the natural design of the plant. This genetic modification was made by enclosing foreign genetic material in a protective housing and then inserting it into the cells of the plant. The goal is to introduce these GMOs into humans so that their immune systems can be programmed to fight against antigens and viral sequences that scientists have preselected and designed.

Is a new food-based vaccine paradigm upon us?

At University of California at San Diego , Nicole Steinmetz has already developed nanotechnologies that can provide genetic material to the chloroplast of plants. Steinmetz tinkers with plant virus nanoparticles and reuse them to deliver foreign genes into plant cells.

This is not the only edible vaccine experiment currently underway. Scientists at the University of Ottawa have been working on an edible coronavirus vaccine for over a year.

The Ottawa Hospital is already testing the first prototype. This edible vaccine expresses viral antigens inside lettuce and spinach plants. Their aim is to deliver advanced proteins to the human body without altering the protein synthesis of human cells. The current vaccine supply should be kept in the refrigerator at extremely low temperatures. If this research effort can demonstrate the delivery of advanced proteins throughout the food supply, the current vaccine supply could be phased out in favor of a new dietary vaccination paradigm. This experiment could forever alter the food supply, turning healthy, healing foods into biological warfare playgrounds that globalists can use to exploit the human race.

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