Two Mothers Arrested Due To Opposing Mask Mandates At GA School Board Meeting!

Two mothers who opposed school mask mandates and fought against the CRT have been arrested because they opposed the mask mandates, and one had a pair of scissors in her purse.

On Thursday, the event happened at the Gwinnett County Public Schools district headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia.

The first arrested mom is Karen Pirkle. She wanted to pass the security without a mask.

The Daily Wire reported that Pirkle didn’t want to wear a mask at an October school board meeting. The parents supported her and took off their masks.

“After misbehavior at the last meeting, a criminal trespass warning was issued, and that’s a letter that basically explains you’re not allowed to come on GCPS property,” said Sloan Roach, a spokeswoman for the school district.

“That was communicated with her, and then she showed up tonight still attempting to come to the meeting, so she violated that order.”

Pirkle was charged with violating a criminal trespass warning by attending the school board meeting regardless of the security warning.

One video was released on Twitter and showed four police officers attempting to handcuff Pirkle even though the woman didn’t even resist.

“She’s not fighting,” the person filming is heard saying.

“She’s not cooperating either,” replies the female police officer handcuffing her.

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