The mutated Covid virus will never really go away: A Velumani

A Velumani, Founder, Thyrocare Technologies, says viruses have been mutating. He expects to see more genomic studies in India. Omicron is moving fast, but not known to be deadly as yet.

Before I get into the specifics of your understanding of the new mutated virus, how is life treating you? You tweeted to say that after your stake sale, you are taking it very easy. Now it looks like a second innings is at play.

Yes, it is cool, calm and relaxing. After a long time I have found myself having time to do a few things I wanted to do. It is a good family time. Maybe till December 31 or even up to March 31, I would not be doing anything other than just reading what is happening around me and learning.

What is your understanding of the virus mutation? Is it dangerous, is it scary or is it manageable?

Viruses are known for mutations. Viruses have been mutating now so is the COVID whether this mutation is only in South Africa and then moving out other countries also have but they have not still studied the genomic sequence. We have no idea, now that we are all starting to get fearful and panicky, the Government of India will force a lot more genomic studies. Whether it is gone or still there, we should not give up.

Having said that, in my personal opinion, the virus appears to be moving fast or spreading fast. But I do not think anybody has reported it as deadly. It is fast so the reaction of the market is predictable because markets have learnt a lot in the first two waves. So market and government reactions are predictable. I think we are safe enough to have very mild, if at all any impact.

Medical experts are claiming that this virus can skip the immunity barrier even for the vaccinated people. In that case, the whole cycle starts again. Is it too early to conclude that?
I think it is very early. This is not one vaccine. There are dozens of vaccines manufactured across countries. These have gone to different geographies. It was recorded only three-four days back. It will take not less than 10 days to see whether one should be worried about the immunization programme.

If it proves to be deadly and produces symptoms that are very difficult to tolerate, then those are all extreme levels of concerns but I think as of today since vaccine is always made for the whole virus I have the reason to believe this virus mutated virus will never be totally be away. How much it is away to which vaccine these are all studies to be done it will take another 10 days it cannot be just predicted.

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