Tattoo artist alarmed with the skin of vaccinated people

Testimony of Manu, tattoo artist, on the Facebook group of testimony of vaccinated (Translated)

“In recent months, we have realized that vaccinated people react strangely during tattooing sessions: the skin of those vaccinated no longer bead at all (slight normal bleeding during a skin breakage) we also note that the redness and swelling are almost non-existent. Of course, this is not particularly disturbing for our profession, but it is very alarming. There is indeed a change in the blood, the skin no longer defends itself.

Before the summer it was a few cases but since the big rush of vaccinations it’s really everyone. It’s simple: in 20/30 min we can tell you if you have been vaxx or not just by looking at how the skin behaves.

Today, many colleagues also realize that there is a big problem. Whether this will pass I don’t know, but more than 5/6 months after the 2 doses the patients still have skin that is not reacting normally.

Some nurses also report that the blood often clogs the catheters when the blood is taken because it is so thick. These concerns are not even raised on the problem site, because it is every day …

I am looking for people who work in hematology to discuss and understand what is going on. “