“The Summoner of Death” Covid Vax Theory – Did you notice this pattern with anyone that died shortly after the vax?


I don’t know if this is true but I have sure thought about it. In some cases that I am personally familiar with, it seems to make sense. As you read this, please think of anyone you know that passed away shortly after taking the vax and see if they fit within the pattern observed in this theory. It is interesting to think about, at least.

The MRNA Covid Vaccines will “summon” your death. We all have a death that is waiting for us. We all have a death that is dormant, that is underlying and waiting to emerge at some point. What these vaccines do is remove whatever was holding them back, whatever was keeping them dormant. The strange thing is that there doesn’t seem to be a connection and death can come in almost any form (cancer, mental health, organ failure, diseases, infections, etc.)

For example someone at age 55 takes the MRNA vax and shortly thereafter an unusually aggressive, mid to advanced stage cancer emerges all of a sudden. This person was eventually going to get this cancer in their mid to late 70s and was probably not going to die from it until age 80 or early 80s.

Another person in their 60s takes the MRNA vax. Shortly after taking the vax, all of a sudden a severe, steep mental/cognitive decline with all the signs of some kind of dementia or maybe even Alzheimer’s in just a matter of weeks or months. This person was eventually going to have these issues down the road in their 80s but the vax just unleashed it sooner.

A young person in their early to mid 30s takes the vax. Suddenly dies of a heart attack. They might have lived another 15 or 20 years and had that heart attack at age 50 but for some reason, the vax brought it on much sooner.

So if you’re seeing lots of lethal blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, cancers, bad infections, shingles, embolisms etc. It is because the MRNA vax is just unleashing them inside the patient. And/or also disabling and weakening or completely eliminating whatever defenses the patient had that was holding back the disease or condition. (At least, according to this theory.)

Also, the people who apparently took the vax with no ill effects and who did not die shortly after taking it – the explanation is that they would have lived a long, relatively trouble free life and would have died of natural causes in old age. However, according to this theory, their life span has been drastically reduced and it just remains to be seen how much it has been shortened. Time well tell in these cases (according to the theory).

Please note:

This is not my theory. The person who outlined this theory told me that they came to this conclusion based on the wide variety of bad vax reactions and observations he made with people whose medical history he was familiar with. He knew someone who was susceptible to dementia or alzheimer’s because it ran in their family and they were beginning to show signs of it like others had in that family. But he says the vax just accelerated it beyond belief. And the more he looked into others he knew with health conditions, he says he began to see the same patterns with different diseases and conditions.