Minneapolis restaurants sue mayor over vaccine mandates

Over half a dozen restaurants in Minneapolis have banded together in a joint suit levied at Mayor Jacob Frey this week over recently instated vaccine mandates

The city announced on Jan. 12 that any establishment that serves food indoors will need to check for proof that their patrons have received the vaccine or have procured a negative test in the last 72 hours.  

The order went into effect Wednesday, prompting legal action from restaurants who have alleged the mayor has overstepped his authority, reported a local Fox News affiliate. 

“Minneapolis bars and restaurants are being used as pawns to further Mayor Frey’s agenda of pushing for and convincing the public to get vaccinated,” the complaint read, accusing the emergency resolution of being “calculated” in pushing a vaccine agenda.

“Whether the end being sought is noble, the scheme is forcing restaurants and bars to lose additional patrons and business that have already been reduced over the past two years and incur new costs and burdens to enforce the requirements,” the complaint added. 

The plaintiffs in the suit include Bright Red Group, LLC, owners of Smack Shack, 90’s Minneapolis, LLC, which owns The Gay 90’s, PJ. Hafiz Club Management, Inc. of Sneaky Pete’s, Urban entertainment, LLC of Wild Greg’s Saloon, Urban Forage, LLC of Urban Forage, MikLin Enterprises, Inc., owners of Jimmy John’s and I & E Inc. of Bunkers Music Bar & Grill.

The restaurants have called on the Hennepin County Fourth Judicial Court to find Frey’s emergency vaccine order “null and void,” arguing it has restricted their rights as restaurant owners. 

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